Sep 18 2007 - Sep 18 2007

Tears of Grief and Joy 悲喜淚

Tears of Grief and Joy 悲喜淚

Zhang Kunlung 張昆崙 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 47”x 118”  英寸  2007
  • Sep 18 2007 - Sep 18 2007

  • Canada

Over 5,000 years ago, human morality had declined to a terrible extent. In response, a catastrophic flood almost wiped out the whole world. Three thousand years later, the Roman Empire brutally persecuted Christians. A series of plagues subsequently killed almost half of the population. Sadly, history seems to repeat itself. Today, the deterioration of moral values has once again fallen to a dangerous level.

Religions in the past talked about “The Last Judgment.” It is said that God would reappear to receive good people into heaven and strike down bad people to hell. “Good and evil shall receive their due reward” is an immutable truth of the cosmos.

The universal principles of Falun Gong—Truth, Compassion and Tolerance—bring hope to humankind. However, since 1999 the Chinese Communist Party has carried out a brutal persecution of this peaceful meditation practice.

Profiteering from slave labor and organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners has reduced humanity to a new low. Lies and propaganda have generated misunderstanding and hatred against Falun Gong. Perhaps because of implied threat or financial inducements, world governments, the business community and international media have turned a blind eye to this human catastrophe. Such organizations pay lip service to conscience, freedom of belief, and human rights.

The silence is deafening in the face of these crimes against humanity. So it is up to Falun Gong practitioners themselves in the middle of this persecution to raise awareness and bring out the truth. They continually speak the truth to provide an opportunity for the world’s people to take a stand and position themselves.

The S shape composition in this painting links the two extremes—good people ascending to heaven and the wicked facing destruction. This is the judgment that people make for themselves.

The artist earnestly wishes a bright future for those who have the opportunity to see this painting.