Sep 13 2019 - Sep 13 2019

Shock 震撼

Chen Xiaoping 陳肖平 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 48” x 75” 英寸  2009
  • Sep 13 2019 - Sep 13 2019


According to artist Chen Xiaoping, this artwork was inspired by mainland Chinese Falun Gong practitioner’s personal recounts, as reported on This practitioner suffers traumatic persecution in prison, yet her heart remains unblemished, and clear of hatred toward the prison officers who inflict torture on her. While in peaceful meditation, her body suddenly elevates off the ground, astounding the prison police. The shocked officers holding the torture implements in their hands are unable to move; others fall to the ground, or gasp in amazement.

Often, traditional artworks that stem from religion in the West also depict miraculous phenomena. From these works, one observes that such miraculous phenomena usually take place only when the cultivator is in his most compassionate, pure, and resolute state of mind. Perhaps this state was able to shake the heavens, and instigate the phenomena as an encouragement to the cultivator. The spectacle also serves as a warning to the persecutors, so they know that Gods are watching, and would not dare to pursue their evil deeds any longer.

The facial expression of the female Falun Gong practitioner is the most brilliant aspect of this artwork. Her clean features are radiant with dignity, compassion, peace, and an extraordinary ambiance. This is a true expression of the divine state, a realm, which can only be attained by a cultivator. Of course, if the artist did not have the character of a cultivating practitioner, she may not have been able to produce such an expression in art.