Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019

Setting the Cosmos in Motion 運乾坤

Chen Xiaoping  陳肖平 Composition 構圖: Zhang Kunlun 張崑崙 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 68”x 136”  英寸  2007
  • Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019




Everything of mankind is amid formation-stasis-degeneration-destruction, which characterized the previous cosmos. Human morality today has deteriorated to an unprecedented extent, and mankind is at an extremely dangerous stage.

Truth, Compassion and Tolerance awakens a person’s conscience in this historical moment, enabling one to escape eternal damnation. This is God’s greatest mercy and mankind’s last hope. Only those who are truly upright and who can set themselves apart from the wicked can be saved.

The majestic scene shows the energy field generated by Master Li Hongzhi, which penetrates many dimensions. Within each circle, it depicts different ways that Falun Gong practitioners raise awareness of the atrocities happening in China.