Sep 18 2005 - Sep 18 2005

Manhattan Meditator 曼哈頓街頭

Manhattan Meditator 曼哈頓街頭

Kathleen Gillis 凱瑟琳.吉利斯 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 32” x 58” 英寸  2005
  • Sep 18 2005 - Sep 18 2005

The young figure in the foreground radiates an unusual sense of groundedness that defies her noisy surroundings — a mid-day Manhattan sidewalk. While her body faces outward, her attention is turned inward in meditative focus. Lucent, magical spheres dot the cityscape, echoing what is likely the woman’s inward vision. Through disciplined practice of Falun Gong, the aspirant attains a deep form of equanimity that carries over to daily life.