Oct 4 2019 - Oct 4 2019

Freed by Faith 正念走出

Freed by Faith 正念走出

Chen Xiaoping  陳肖平 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 30”x 62”  英寸  2006
  • Oct 4 2019 - Oct 4 2019

Cold steel bars and uniformed guards here fail, for all their ferocity, to keep bound the righteous. Adapted from a true story, the young woman is here seen breaking free from one of China’s nefarious labor camps, where she was held as a prisoner of conscience. The hand seal, common to Falun Gong, suggests that the power of inner rectitude melded with conviction was her means to freedom. According to one first-hand account of this story, the woman’s handcuffs were miraculously shed and a path opened to the outside in front of her. Those who could not escape may be held for dozens of years or even tortured and killed. More than 3,000 such deaths have been documented by human rights groups thus far.



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