Sep 26 2019 - Sep 26 2019

Brightness in the Night 黑色中的光明

Chen Xiaoping  陳肖平 Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布 36”x 48”  英寸  2007
  • Sep 26 2019 - Sep 26 2019


Darkness both metaphorically and materially envelops a Chinese street. On this dark night, a mother and her child post flyers decrying the oppressive communist regime. The child’s meditative hand gesture expresses the inner conviction that inspires such valiant acts.

If found during such an act, a person can be arrested, tortured, and murdered. Because of the totalitarian grip on print and broadcast media by China’s communist rulers, such activity is the only way to protest and speak out against oppression.

Since 1999 the state has marshaled all of its media resources, led by the Ministry of Propaganda, in a nationwide campaign to vilify Falun Gong. The disinformation has bred hatred, distrust, and even violence.