Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019

A Battle Between Good and Evil (正邪大戰)

Wang Zhiping  王志平

Oil on Canvas  油彩.畫布

66” x 79”  英寸  2003

  • Sep 19 2019 - Sep 19 2019


The man and woman in the forefront hold signs that read, “Truth, Compassion, Tolerance,” and “The Law Rectifies the Universe.” The spirits of the plainclothes policemen bow before their victims, suggesting that the police have been deluded by the Chinese communist regime into carrying out orders against their own conscience. Countless Falun Gong practitioners have been to Tiananmen Square to unfurl banners to express their belief and wishes. Those police officers wantonly beat, arrest and even murder practitioners. The depiction of the characters and scene in the painting all originated from actual photographic records. A war is playing out between the righteous and the evil. In heaven, immortal beings are clearing away the evil beings.